Cal Carreter offer Segway Rural Tourism

Cal Carreter offer Segway Rural Tourism Mieres.

During the month of June 2019 Cal Carreter I suggest a trip with activity on two wheels. Enjoy the weekend in our charming Rural Tourism activity by two hours’ volcanoes around the town is St. Paul Segway. Enjoy our environment at the gates Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park and enjoy all the comforts of our accommodation and cuisine.

This Tours Segway between volcanoes we can visit more 5 the municipality of volcanoes Santa Pau and that we have more than 15 ! During the tour we will give explanations of each volcano, in its eruption, color wash, the shape of the character, …. visited farmhouses that still retain their cows, or visitarem farm limousines, our iconic bean fields. with NATURATOURS these Segway Tours will show you a little known Garrotxa.

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