Project Description


Packs The Segway Garrotxa Farm Astrol for NATURATOURS

Packs Segway Garrotxa Granja L'Astrol a NATURATOURS. The activity begins with a tour of the farm fields and pastures where you can see the herd of sheep and understanding, Thanks to the explanations producer, the cycle of sheep.

You know and make sure the lambs younger family .

After optionally enjoy a taste of the lamb, production of the holding itself, cooked in the three·different contributions and accompanied by a good glass of wine

You will also have the possibility to order lamb to enjoy it at home!

Once the sun·Reservation request we will send you an email with your reservation details and the contact details of the producer.

Location (Volcano Puig Astrol, The Beech in Jordan, Garrotxa)

1'30 minutes

  • l farm’ ASTROL (CAN TASTE MEAT € 5.00)