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Tours Segway Olot per NATURATOURSTours Segway Garrotxa a Olot per NATURATOURS


He Segway Tours Olot Culture Parking begins at the source to direct me to Moixina Hospice building in Calle Antoni Llopis, a building of the late eighteenth century contemplate the Church of Santa Maria del Tura is the patron saint of the city and follow road to the Church of Carmen, s'ubica on the Carme Cloister, The most valuable piece of architecture Olot, Monument of historical and artistic one of the few Renaissance cloisters preserved in Catalonia.

Continue for carrer Major and reach theSt. Stephen's Church, a magnificent eighteenth century building which highlights, inside the baroque altarpiece of the Rosary (a work of great quality), as well as the sculpture of the main altar made by Josep Clara.

El Tours trascoorre to contemplate the Cayetano Casa-Vila i , the Casa Solà Morales, Muntaner and work in Doméncch. This modernist construction is concrete for facades. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century modernism reaches its peak, Olot is a good example of this current architectural and cultural.


He Segway Tours Places Olot Parking begins at the source Moixina to direct me to the hospice building, a building of the late eighteenth century which emphasizes its elegant courtyard with three arcade galleries. From this point the center of Olot the route will have its first stopping point in theArea Tossols-Basil, tot reseguint electricity volcano Montolivet. The River Fluvià, This natural area is home to a famous work RCR architects, he Baths Hall, an example of the innovative architecture of these professionals internationally recognized.

Reasoning by the river, the route leads to the Font de la Grotte, continuing the Greenway Carrilet Olot-Girona, until the Fonts de Sant Roc and going into the New park, where you'll find a magnificent Botanical Garden and famous Volcano Museum. In search of the best nature Olot, follow the path towards Wildlife of Moixina, a space with small wetlands that breathes the charm of old fairytales.

Finally the route from Fair will begin to rise toward the natural jewel of the city, he volcano Monstacopa. Roser S'enfilarà Montsacopa the hill and the road to the crater Montsacopa, where it enjoys a unique and privileged view of the city of Olot.


He Tours Segway Olot Olot Parking begins at the source Moixina to lead us to theHospice building, a building of the late eighteenth century which emphasizes its elegant courtyard with three arcade galleries. He Museum Saints will be the next stop, is located in the Gothic Revival style building that welcomed Cristian ArtO, first religious imagery workshop, founded in Olot 1880.

The route will cross theEixample Malagrida, fruit of a residential project in the Indian Manuel Malagrida. In the same residential area can see the new sports hall in the town of Olot, and putting direction New park, a large green space in the Olot which houses the Botanical Garden and the city Volcano Museum. Continuing along the marked route 3 Our next stop will be the Wildlife of Moixina, idyllic place·lic where the painters of the Olot School of landscape had an important place of inspiration. Once captured the natural charm of the area, the route back towards the center of Olot through the Clara square, ahead of house Gassiot, Modernist, far corner and is clearly marked by the influence of the present medieval facade with neo-Gothic arches and the door of twins l’antic Hospital dating from the sixteenth century.


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