You know that a Segway? NATURATOURS t’ho explica

You know that a Segway? NATURATOURS t'ho explains. Smart technology MotionTM Segway is an intelligent network·Smart sensors, mechanical components and control systems, allowing the Segway PT to stay in balance and move on two wheels.
In the moment in which is Pugi, five gyroscopes and two tilt sensors detect the change in terrain and body position at a speed of 100 times per second, faster than you may think your brain.


LeanSteer Technology Redefining responsiveness.
If the Segway PT were already intuitive, are truly instinctive now, thanks to the latest innovations in technology LeanSteer. The main LeanSteer handlebar and lean your head to the left or to the right, according to the natural inclination of the body, to take the direction in which the user wants to move. With LeanSteer technology, have the feeling that the Segway PT anticipates their every move and adapts to lower their capricious movements.

Controlador InfoKeyTM
Totally Wireless, control total.
Is a key. It is an information center. It is an alarm device. Each wireless InfoKey controllers have been programmed to activate and lock a specific Segway PT only.
Connect the InfoKey controller at the port of the main shaft LeanSteer, keep it in your pocket, take it on the wrist or hanging from the neck.
the connection, will provide real time information on battery life, speed and system activity.
When you arrive at your destination, You can activate the security features built into your Segway PT.

You know that a Segway? NATURATOURS allowed you explicaEstà.

The Segway PT is designed to circulate as a pedestrian device anywhere where you can walk safely. Its use is allowed in most public and private pedestrian areas. Before using it, consult local laws or, if it is a private residence, owners of the same. Segway. also provides updated information through

low power consumption.
The Segway PT is powered by a pair of lithium-ion batteries that are recharged automatically when descending a slope. And if there is no lower slopes ?.
Simply plug your Segway PT to any outlet. take about 15 minutes when charging, enough so that you can go 1,6 km. The cost burden for an entire day is less than a newspaper.

any effort.
The Segway PT's brushless motors require no maintenance. No need to change it oil or be pending reviews.
Not even have to load it, check tire pressure and ready!

The Segway PT's platform features balance indicators that report if you can come up with security: blink consecutively to welcome you aboard, and emits gentle pulses once it is in balance and ready to start running. Several subsystems work constantly to ensure that safety is maintained in equilibrium and can stop safely and controlled in the unlikely event that one component fails. Failing essential systems, your Segway PT warn you with a vibrating platform, an acoustic signal and information to the controller InfoKey.