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Bultaco Brinco the Garrotxa NATURATOURSBultaco Brinco the Garrotxa NATURATOURS

The arrival of summer is the optimal time for excursions to discover our beautiful landscapes and large farm. But not everyone likes to spend three or four hours walking to see spectacular scenery.
Since the Hotel Finca El Ventos recommend an excellent alternative: it Bultaco Earring, a mix between motorcycle and bicycle.

2 hours


2 hours


2 hours 30 minutes




Bultaco Brinco the Garrotxa NATURATOURS.

Bultaco Brinco route inside the building

this excursion, which is done without a guide, is an excellent activity to experience the adventure in nature. No need any special physical preparation. Just let the feelings flow from this experience!

*The route is well signposted, and has a circular route leaves from the hotel. It lasts two hours.

Bultaco Brinco the Garrotxa NATURATOURS.

Bultaco route Brinco dintre per farm + Guided by extension the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa and picnic en route

The second proposal is more complete, Starting route within the estate of Windy continue to head in the vicinity of St. Paul and Beech in Jordan, discovering the back of the Bultaco Brinco, an adventure experience first lime! The package includes a picnic prepared by the restaurant on route B&Versions, the restaurant at nostre Hotel.

*This promotion requires a minimum stay of two people.

Bultaco Brinco the Garrotxa NATURATOURS.

Route of the volcanic area with a tour guide + relaxing massage + dinar al Restaurante B&Versions

The third proposta, begins with a complete route the hotel as a base with an expert guide in the area, and continues inside the building to get to the heart of the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa, Discover where and incomparable landscapes where nature imposes its magnificent colors depending on the time of year. A to tornado, the expert hands of our physiotherapist will allow you to regain strength after a relaxing massage,
enjoy a menu, prepared by the chef B&Versions, the gastronomic our Hotel.

*A minimum booking of two people.
*This offer lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Point Collection: Hotel El Ventos.