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Segway Tours Vall d'en Bas to NATURATOURSTours Segway Garrotxa a Vall d’ Bas per NATURATOURS

The municipality of Vall d'en Bas and landscape forms a geographic unit of the first order.

Segway Tours Garrotxa Valley Bas. Serrats, encinglerades ridges like Cabrera of Lancers, Freixaneda or Puigsacalm, surrounding meadows and beech forests, oaks until you reach the flat Bas. A page that has one of the most fertile soils in Catalonia. Meanwhile, a multitude of streams and rivers flow through the plain pouring the water into the river Fluvià, after it has formed peaks jumping Falgars.

Puigsacalm and Santa Magdalena solid form one of the most characteristic silhouette of the environment. From the top you can enjoy magnificent views over much of Catalonia.

The concentration of agricultural land among the peasants of the valley -the concentration plot·consolidation- and the creation of the cooperative farmers, in the early 70, gave a significant boost to the agricultural activity of the area, and drew the current layout of roads linking the various towns and neighborhoods.

But the Vall d'en Bas is also history, being land of serfs. The town still preserves the house where he was born peasant leader Francisco Verntallat. In memory of the movement remença, organized annually cyclist Land of Romances, the most popular in Catalonia.

La Vall d'en Bas has two cores listed as a historic-artistic: Villa del Mallol, located on a hill and was for centuries the administrative capital of the viscount of Bas, and the core of Hostalets d'en Bas, which has its origin in a few hostels located at the foot of the old road that went from Olot to Vic.

Segway Tours Garrotxa Vall d en Bas to NATURATOURS

Can Trona or exits from Hotel Vall d'en Bas.

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Tour 2 hours