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What is advertising SEGWAY GARROTXA?

Advertising innovative Segway NATURATOURS. Advertising innovative and modern. He SEGWAY GARROTXA is a series of actions intended for advertising developed by SEGWAY GARROTXA in year 2010-2016.

This set of actions can be summarized basically seamless integration of advertising SEGWAY any action street marketing. Taking into account all the details of it, from his study and technical development to customization and staging of each action.


Benefits, But …Why choose SEGWAY?

Basically for a reason, SEGWAYGARROTXA is the one product that all your advertising needs.

Because it is a new element is very attractive to anyone, and set all their eyes on pedestrians in its path, he SEGWAY GARROTXA is' ​​screen’ Perfect to which everyone looks.

The mobility and size allow us to approach the pedestrian in a completely natural and heartfelt thanks to all the admiration lifts on its way. Their autonomy and allows us to speed n increase the radius of action of promoters and supervisors taking full advantage of all the human resources.

And last but not least is a device 100% Ecological giving any company not just an image of modernity but to be a modern enterprise concerned with the environment.


SEGWAY GARROTXA develops actions in the field of advertising for more than five years, Segway pioneering the Garrotxa and the province of Girona.

In these years SEGWAY GARROTXA He has with·worked with many companies throughout actions, even more than ten simultaneous devices . Battles to customers throughout all areas: technology, food, fashion, Bank … for national and multinational companies.

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