A new project to explore the Garrotxa’ around the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park on two wheels is a unique experience.

NATURATOURS reborn Segway garrotxa

NATURATOURS reborn Segway Garrotxa

Many years ago that’ Eddi is as well known for Santa Pau and surroundings “belts” the two-wheeled vehicles. His passion for the motor vehicles took over five years to promote a different activity, and innovative alternative for exploring the region and aimed at all ages, Segway tours. These electrical soptar that many and now are part of the landscape Garrotxa as a means of alternative tourism and new ways to meet the good esteemed visitor who comes to know the country of volcanoes.

  • He knows the environment of Garrotxa.
  • Esperimentat mountain biker.
  • Pioneer in’ Segway Tours organization.
  • A lover of nature and cultural heritage.
  • Promoter of boosting tourism with adventure activities in Santa Pau.
  • Technical Studies taught by the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park


NATURATOURS reborn Segway garrotxa.

Today, you do not need many presentations of the tourist product that meets Santa Pau, the heart of the volcanoes, or l’ entrepreneurial spirit and service on two-wheeled Segway has headed about the’ Eduard. But perhaps worth introduce you to a new stage, full of new projects and the’ illusion goes further which stopped its first project.

NATURATOURS born with’ vagatge experience and many years of accompanying and showing visitors around the different proposals Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park airs and new proposals that aim to remain committed to cultural contents and landscaping unfamiliar and exciting formats for families, groups and couples.

See you there! !

NATURATOURS reborn Segway garrotxa

Eduard Palomé


Lover of the activities’ outdoor Garrotxa.